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February 27, 2020
COVID-19’s Impact on the Digital Advertising Market
April 30, 2020

Makeshift MO

Stykka desk made from cardboard

Some might say that working from home is a modern luxury of the 21st century. Who would’ve thought that the digital revolution could have such a profound impact on society in such a short period of time? I’m sure people working on Madison Avenue in the ‘60s would be shocked to know that I’m typing this article in my pajamas on my couch from home.

Now, in 2020, as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the country and around the world, many people are being forced to work from home. Yet the affordances of modern technology have allowed many companies to continue business as usual (sort of). It almost seems as if this pandemic couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time, uncovering both our strengths and weaknesses as a country and globalized world. But let’s not dive into all of that now.

With the stay-at-home order in full effect, many people have had to adapt to new spaces to perform their jobs from home. While some are well-prepared with proper desks and home office setups, others have had to get a bit more creative. As offices and cubicles collect dust, people have been transforming their living spaces into makeshift workspaces. Here are some of our favorites from around the web and from the Embee team:

The Standing Desk

Ladder desk by Heidi Floyd via CNN

Standing desks are a great at-home alternative, especially if you don’t own a comfortable office chair. According to the American Cancer Society, standing desks provide many health benefits, including reduced back pain, weight loss, improved mental health, and greater life expectancy. I guess that explains our CMO, Ryan Rodgers.

Ironing board standing desk by Bex Holland via Twitter


The Liquor Cabinet Desk

Liquor cabinet desk by Emma Northcott via Twitter

A tempting, yet strategic choice is using your liquor cabinet as a desk. Of course this has its potential drawbacks, but is certainly a reasonable option. Bonus points if used as a standing desk like Patrick Gipson’s pictured below. Zoom happy hour anyone? I’ll send a calendar invite.

Liquor cabinet desk by Patrick Gipson via Twitter


The #StayTheF***Home Desk

#StayTheF***Home desk by Stykka via

Stykka, a Danish print furniture company, recently released its #StayTheF***Home desk in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The desk is made of FSC certified cardboard, is 100% recyclable, and costs only $85. Stykka is even open sourcing its design. That way anyone can download it to build on their own, free of charge. Along with the desk, Stykka also released its FaceShield PPE masks. The FaceShield masks cost just under $12 each.

#StayTheF***Home desk in white via


Embee Team Desks

Dresser desk by Rory Emrich

While all of us at Embee sure do miss hanging out at the office, we’ve been adjusting to the situation quite well. Daily memes in Slack, cribs tours on Google Hangouts, and the occasional pet appearances on video calls all seem to brighten the workday. Yes, we also do work.

A proper home office by Chris Ellis

In this time of crisis, uncertainty, and mass quarantine, it’s important that we stay connected. We ought to appreciate the little things like viral desk trends on the internet or working from home in your pajamas. It is also important that we recognize those essential workers who cannot work from home and the value that they provide to our communities.

Since many of us will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, send us your home office setups and makeshift desks. Email your photos to or send us a message on social media.