The Alex Jonestown Massacre

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March 6, 2019
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The Alex Jonestown Massacre

            For anybody who is not yet aware of the mischievous alt-right political troll Alex Jones, I envy you. Really, it’s not even fair to connect him with politics, because his opinions are mostly on inner-dimensional space demons controlling the world from the ethereal plane through the left-wing media. Watching one of his YouTube videos is like watching a train wreck into a hospital. It’s gripping, terrifying, you just want it to stop, but you still can’t help to look away. For that, I would declare Alex Jones a marketing mastermind.

            He has single handedly become the spokesperson for fringe lunatics in the world. My answer to that is, well, someone has to. The world would be a better place without conspirator henchmen of the dark clogging up the arteries of our internet, but I suppose it’s better to at least have them coalesce in one collective space of confusion. At least that way we can keep an eye on what the crazies are up to.

            Explaining an Alex Jones rant is difficult because it’s a lot like an avant-garde film. Nobody really understands what is going on, and even those buffs who claim to be specialists of the genre couldn’t give you the cliff notes if they tried. And if it weren’t already niche enough of a market, he’s been essentially restricted to the confines of his website. There’s good reason for it too, because the Alex Jones “Info Wars” was banned from Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify all in one fell swoop.

            Reason for the Alex Jones ban was clear. His channel not only regurgitates whacky conspiracy theories, but frequently engages in spewing vicious hate speech. Taking horrific stances on Muslims, immigrants, and transgenders was enough for these social media giants to ban him altogether from their platforms. After years of misinformation and fear mongering, his show has finally been brought to a screeching halt, at least on major social media platforms.

            Though, hate is hard to eradicate. It seems that Jones’ devotees have only been fueled by his termination from these platforms. Jones called the act “a war on free speech” and urged his fans to donate money to fight the cause.

            And Jones is no sheepish reluctant to siphon money from his listeners. He actively markets his “health” products on his show that are designed to prevent government brain washing and FDA organized mass poisoning. Schilling these snake-oil health products has allowed his net worth to grow to 10 million dollars, and his listeners to sleep soundly knowing that they are safe from underground bio-warfare.

            If it were health fraud and hateful conspiracy he stopped at, we’d be lucky. Among the countless hateful and misinformed allegations Jones has made, one group has gone as far as to take Jones to court for defamation. After making ludicrously insensitive claims that the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax and that the victim’s families were “crisis-actors”, the grieving families refused to stand by and be slandered.

            The trial is still ongoing, but the six families that filed suit have succeeded in the acquisition of his relevant business records. As if any of his claims held any weight before, Jones’ deposition defense was based on psychosis brought on by the endless lies of the media. Since, the families have publicly released Jones’ deposition videos. This is atypical for an ongoing court case, but the families want to inform the public of Jones’ insidious slander.

            While justice is served, the only glaring takeaway is that the old saying “all press is good press” doesn’t seem to hold true. After being banned from major streaming platforms, Jones has been reduced to a shouting maniac, reverberating off the walls of his own website. The question raised is, how far must someone go before their right to a platform is revoked altogether.

            For Jones, it may take imprisonment. As if he weren’t in deep enough water already, his latest tirade was an all-out threat on Joe Rogan. Once friend and podcast colleague, Rogan has hosted Jones on his show many times. Jones stated that “Jesus told me to destroy Joe Rogan”, after Rogan asked him to get help. Watching the actual video is terrifying, as he viciously squeezes is hands and states that he will “squeeze the proverbial neck of Joe Rogan”. The video has since gone viral, many laughing it off as entertainment, but for a man who confessed his own psychosis, it could very well be interpreted as a direct and dangerous threat.

            Taking the fringe media by storm, Jones has become somewhat of an urban legend. His videos have been chopped and edited into autotuned songs of disillusion and turned into tasty memes that reign the internet. As entertaining as these may be, knowing that someone out there actually holds these beliefs, has a podium to speak from, and is gaining loyal followers is downright scary. Nevertheless, Jones has become somewhat of a pop-icon.

            From a marketing perspective, Jones has been able to amass a lot of media attention, but the question remains, at what cost? Spewing his shock value unchecked banter, he has brought himself fame and fortune, but it may also bring his demise. Whether Jones truly holds his views of Intergalactic Space Nazis dear to his heart, or if it’s all a maniacal publicity stunt, he has clearly overstepped his boundaries.

           So, while blazing your own trail to carve out your internet identity, be bold, be brazen, but don’t be a lunatic. All of this media attention may have brought Jones some immediate self-glorifying gratification, but it may eventually cost him his freedom. Everything aside, the whole world is watching Alex Jones descent into madness, while his depraved train wreck of a podcast comes to a screeching halt